Fresher 2 EXPERT SAP Consultant, Hottest courses, Jobs & PAY

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Course Description

SAP Job Market, Emerging Technologies, Hottest courses, Salary Guide & more to become a highly successful SAP Consultant. Topics we cover.

Section 1

SAP Market in 2020

SAP Strategy

HANDS ON - SAP Product Matrix - PAM

HANDS ON - SAP Maintenance Planner

HANDS ON - SAP Accurate Salary Guide

What is SAP.IO

Section 2

SAP Certification Success

SAP Emerging Technologies

SAP Press Vs Learning Hub vs OpenSAP

Classroom VS Virtual Classroom

E-learning & Ebook Self study

SAP Acclaim and Global Certification

SAP Badges

SAP Certification lists

SAP Single Books Certifications

Section 3

Career Tips

Resume Tips

Top Skills

Interview Skills

Salary Tips

Expected Outcomes

  1. SAP Markets in 2020 and beyond
  2. Hottest SAP Consultant Careers Courses
  3. Emerging SAP / ERP Trends to prepare for
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  5. SAPEXPERT - $9.99 <- Use code to Order