User-Friendly Feng Shui with the Three Layers of Chi Method

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Course Description

"I have read already many books about Feng-Shui but this course is definitely different! What I especially liked about it, was, that it is not so rigid about the rules like others are with their charts. She doesn't make it so complicated. I always found it difficult to put all those rules to practice and gave up on that altogether. But the trainer here offers many simple practical tips and for everyone easy to apply alternatives for daily situations. She encourages us to pay attention and act to our own individual energy feelings and wants. That's very helpful to get more confident about one's own antennas. Very helpful little course - I am going to look it up more often!"

This isn't your usual a course about Feng Shui but rather about how to weave the energies of your home into a harmonious and nourishing ambience that brings out your best.

As the embodiment of universal creative energy, you are the most powerful source of your Feng Shui. Your Human Ch'i mingles with Earth Ch'i and with Heaven Ch'i, so you can utilise them to your advantage or you can struggle against them. Naturally, I support the first option, and that's what this course will teach you.

Finally, a couple of quick personal messages ...

1. This is my very first Udemy course, so my production isn't A++, but the enthusiasm and the information is certainly there! Thank you for your understanding and support.

2. Try playing the videos at 1.5x speed to get a more lively presentation.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to create a nourishing home environment
  • Home based workers and entrepreneurs

Course content

5 sections • 36 lectures • 2h 48m total length
  • Be free of the fear of bad feng shui forever
  • Download your overview to take notes as you go