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Why do you need to learn about how coffee is grown?

You have no doubt asked yourself “Where does coffee come from?”

For anyone who simply loves coffee – or wants to work with coffee – it’s important to understand its roots (quite literally!)

You need to understand where in the world coffee is grown, what it all starts with (species and varieties), and what makes one coffee different from another.

This course, From Coffee Plant to Your Coffee Cup, will take you on the fascinating journey that coffee takes from seed to cup.

Learn with me, a university professor of coffee, the founder of the Latin American Coffee Academy, and the author of Permission to Slurp, a book on coffee tasting.

I will guide you through where coffee is grown, how good coffee is grown and processed, what it all starts with (species and varieties), and why those factors change the tastes in your coffee.

We’ll discuss a bit about coffee history, why coffee is so vital to people, how it impacts millions of lives around the world – and how you can change people’s lives.

I know this is a complex subject. But I’m going to help you understand it in a clear, easy, and memorable way.

Who needs this course?

Anyone who loves coffee. But even if you don’t love coffee, you probably want to understand what coffee lovers are raving about all the time.

Additionally, anyone who works with coffee needs to understand these basics. For instance:

  • If you’re a coffee shop owner or have an online coffee business, customers will ask you how the coffee you sell was produced.

  • If you’re a roaster, you need to understand how coffee is grown to be able to roast it and get fabulous tastes from it.

  • If you are a coffee exporter, you need to communicate effectively with coffee growers and understand them when they talk about coffee processes.

This course is a fantastic start for coffee exporters, coffee shop owners, coffee retailers, and roasters who want to get a better idea of where coffee comes from and why one coffee tastes different from another.

I’ll teach you the basics of coffee cultivation fast and easy.

This multimedia experience has videos, slide presentations, photos, actionable activities, and memory sheets to help you learn, remember, and use this vital information.

In this fun, dynamic, 1.5-hour course I’ll help you understand the basics of coffee and coffee cultivation.

Welcome. Let’s get started learning about the roots of coffee.

Do you really need a course?

Can you learn about coffee without taking a course? Sure. There’s plenty of free stuff available online.

But the reality is that wading through everything on the internet takes time. And another reality for people just starting out is that they tend to wade around lost for a long time.

So you’ve no doubt thought of taking a course that leads you directly to the information you need. Taking a coffee course will save you lots of time.

If that is what you’re looking for, this course is for you. From Coffee Plant to Your Coffee Cup, will help you get that overview of coffee cultivation that you need.

Fast, simple, and entertaining sounds good, right?

Let’s learn about coffee. I look forward to seeing you in the From Coffee Plant to Your Coffee Cup course! And if you’re interested in receiving a free certificate of completion from the Latin American Coffee Academy, get in touch.

If you’re interested in learning how coffee professionals taste coffee to determine the quality, check out my Taste Coffee Like a Pro course here on Udemy.

I love to hear from my students – send me an email or message with your coffee questions.

Why should you learn about coffee with a professor?

Frankly, why would you want to learn with anyone but an expert? I live in a coffee-producing country (Colombia) and worked as a coffee professor at the prestigious La Sabana University until I started my own coffee academy.

I have taught people from every continent – even coffee professionals! – about coffee in Latin America. I have years of experience taking a complicated subject and making it easy and fun.

That’s why people call me The Coffee Lady (seriously, you can Google it).

Try the course out to see why most of my students give me a 5-star rating! I’m always here to support you and to answer all of your coffee questions.

What if you don’t like coffee?

Many of my students don’t actually like coffee! But they recognize that learning about coffee is an essential life skill…and along the way, some of them learn to love the brew.

What if your English isn’t perfect?

My students live around the world and have learned English as a second language. So don’t worry if your English isn’t perfect – my students tell me the information I teach is easy to understand (and the videos have captions that I personally edited!). Also…hablo español, eu falo português, et je parle français.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn where and how coffee is grown, and how those factors affect the tastes in the cup
  2. Understand the roots of coffee!
  3. Learn about coffee regions around the world and how your coffee will taste different
  4. Who grows coffee…and how we can treat them fairly
  5. Who grows coffee…and what it sustainable coffee means