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There’s a monumental paradox about moving from a maker to a manager:

The skills necessary to become a successful engineer (programmer, technician or “maker” of any kind) ARE NOT the same skills necessary to become a successful engineering manager. As an engineer you’re evaluated on what you accomplish. But as an engineering manager, you’re evaluated on the accomplishments of an entire team. Effective management is about creating a productive environment, equipping your team, and making decisions that allow other become successful.

And this difference is skills sets has become a stumbling block for countless makers aspiring to move into a managerial role. They either find themselves getting repeatedly passed up for promotions, or if they move into a leadership role, they’re ineffective and end up getting demoted.

In this course “From Maker to Manager: 10 Strategies to Advance Your Career”, you will learn about each of the 10 key areas you needed to succeed in management. You will learn key concepts and strategies from the following areas:

  • Data Analysis

  • Team Building and Collaboration

  • Sales and Negotiation

  • Written and Verbal Communication

  • Time Management

  • Business Finance

  • Goal Setting

  • Problem-solving Methodologies

  • And Much More!

No class (including this one) is long enough to teach you everything you need to know about each of these areas. In fact, you could spend a career mastering any one of these areas. But what you will learn in this class “From Maker to Manager” is 1) the importance of each area to management profession, 2) major concepts from each area, and 3) clear direction on how to continue advancing your managerial skillset.

If you want to advance your career past your maker role and onto a leadership role, this class is a fabulous starting point. Sign up today!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Dozens of strategies to advance your career
  2. An rich overview of the management profession
  3. Learning pathways needed to succeed as a manager
  4. Insights into essential leadership and managerial skills
  5. Introductions to business finance, data analysis, negotiation, team building and much more
  6. Key ideas about goal setting, problem solving methodologies and time management
  7. The value of industry certifications in your career
  8. Tons of resources to prepare for a managerial role