From Panic To The Platform - Connecting With Your Audience

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Course Description

From Panic To The Platform is your personal online workshop and course for anyone who aspires to effective public speaking. This course walks you through the process of how to develop a speech or presentation from concept to delivery in a practical, systematic, easy to understand method. Whether you are brand new and have never spoken before a group of others before or you feel the need to sharpen your skills, this step by step course gives you the tools and techniques to allow you to bring your talk to life in way that will gain your audiences attention and make your presentation memorable.

Your Step By Step Guide From Story Creation To Platform Delivery

You’ll Learn –

  • How to begin the process of developing your talk or presentation from scratch.
  • The proven ways of grabbing your audiences attention from the start and finishing with a bang.
  • Tips and techniques for incorporating personal stories to relate to you audience.
  • How to convert statistics and numbers to easy to understand stories that leave a memorable impression.
  • How to overcome panic and learn to present with confidence and authority on your topic.

Expected Outcomes

  1. At the end of this course, graduates of this course will be able to give a presentation or speech before a group with confidence and the tools to ensure they will connect with the audience on a personal and impactful level. The tips and techniques in this course will cut years off of any presenters learning curve.