Full Appium 2020 course and framework for a React Native APP

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Course Description

  • In this course, I will cover Appium, one of the most popular automation testing tools for mobile applications.

  • This course is different than any other Appium course in the market. We will build a complete Automation framework from scratch for a react native application.

  • This Application was made specifically for this course.

  • I will share the source code with you, and I will explain to you how to clone the project and how to run it locally. You will have full power over the App;

  • in addition to that, I will also show you how to update the code of our Application to make it test friendly.

  • We will start with the basics and go step by step over this tool, and at the end of this course, you will be master, and you will have a project that you can add to your resume.

I am very excited to start this course with you guys and see you very soon.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Appium with Java from zero to master
  2. Building a full Automation framework for a react native application that was built specifically for this course.
  3. Run the react native App locally and adjust the code to make it test friendly.
  4. How design page object model framework.
  5. How to build a dynamic framework that runs on both Android and IOS
  6. Build dark theme test report that include screenshots