Fully Accredited Group Hypnosis Diploma Course

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Course Description

Study In Confidence with Dr Karen E Wells : Bestselling Instructor with over 71,000 Udemy students (over 43,000 students buying additional courses) in 177 countries!

Fully Accredited Group Hypnosis Diploma Course

Easy & Powerful Techniques To Work With Groups to Resolve Issues with Hypnotherapy - Fully Accredited Diploma

This is a Professional Diploma Course that is fully accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Our Group Hypnosis course is a fully accredited course giving you all the tools to work with people in groups whilst using the powerful tool of Suggestion Hypnotherapy.

This course includes additional links to over 1.5 hours of extra group Hypnosis tracks.

The course is aimed at those who already have knowledge or a qualification on Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy and want to expand their work to include working with groups. The course does not include a training manual of scripts as it is aimed at those with experience in Hypnotherapy already, however you can transcribe the course videos.

The course has been put together to teach powerful tools to resolve issues affecting individuals but in a group environment. You will see why this makes it easier for you as the therapist but very powerful for the client.

Our easy to learn modules include:

  • Introduction to the Fully Accredited Group Hypnosis Course

  • Working with Groups Using Hypnosis

  • The Benefits for the Therapist & Client of Group Hypnosis

  • Contra-Indications for Group Hypnosis

  • The Difference with Group Hypnosis & 1-2-1 Work

  • The Best Inductions & Deepeners for Group Hypnosis

  • Group Hypnosis for Stress & Relaxation

  • Group Hypnosis for Stop Smoking

  • Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss

  • Group Hypnosis for Self Esteem & Lack of Confidence

  • Handling Abreactions in Groups

  • Anchors & Post Hypnotic Suggestions in Groups

  • Final Summary of the Course

  • Accreditation

  • And much more!

We are an accredited school of CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

Expected Outcomes

  1. Be fully qualified in Group Hypnosis
  2. Help groups of people with Stress, Confidence, Self Esteem, Stop Smoking & Weight Loss
  3. Understand the difference between 1-2-1 work & group hypnosis
  4. Know about Contra-Indications & Abreactions with Group Hypnosis
  5. Know The Best Inductions & Deepeners for Group Hypnosis
  6. Learn Successful Anchors & Post Hypnotic Suggestions in Groups
  7. Understand how group work makes it easier for the therapist & can be more powerful for each member of the group
  8. And so much more!