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Course Description

Have you always wanted to write but you do not know where to get ideas?

Do you want to know how authors get their ideas?

Do you want to know about all the essentials that make up a great story?

Preeti Shenoy, one of India's highest selling authors shares all her tips and tricks,which she has gathered over a long writing career spanning more than a decade.

Come, be inspired to keep a writers notebook, know what goes into it and start recording your thoughts and ideas. Learn how to start thinking like a writer.

In this course designed for complete beginners as well as for those who want to improve their writing skills, learn Where to find Ideas, What point of view is best, how to create strong characters, use settings to add depth to your writing, learn why dialogues are important and finally put it all together.

At the end of the course you would have written your very own original short fiction. You will definitely feel more inspired to write. Your writing will have more depth and clarity.

From the Indian of the Year, Preeti Shenoy, comes a course that is engaging, interactive and which will give you loads of practice, to enhance your own writing.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Write a good story
  2. Write good dialogues
  3. Create strong characters and settings
  4. Write better
  5. Know where to get ideas from
  6. How to keep a writers notebook and what goes into it
  7. Please note, I may not be able to give individual feedback, however the course has a lot of prompts and assignments that help you write