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Introduction to fluid properties, viscosity, surface tension, pressure distribution in fluid, hydrostatic forces on plane and curved surfaces, buoyancy , and pressure measurement using manometers and barometers. Integral relations for a control volume, mass conservation, linear momentum equation, energy and Bernoulli equations are discussed.

37 problems are solved in order to bridge the gap between knowledge and application.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Determine the variation of pressure in a fluid at rest
  2. Calculate the forces and moments exerted by a fluid at rest on plane or curved submerged surfaces
  3. Have a working knowledge of viscosity and the consequences of the frictional effects it causes in fluid flow
  4. Calculate the capillary rise (or drop) in tubes due to the surface tension effect
  5. Utilize Integral relations for a control volume and differential relations for fluid particles to analyze fluid flow problems.
  6. Use control volume analysis to determine the forces associated with fluid flow