Gamification Tools for Personal Motivation + Productivity

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Course Description

Whether you want to bring your productivity to the next level, or build new habits, we can all benefit with a boost in motivation.

For years I've been hyper-productive and kept control of a range of lifestyle choices using techniques from Gamification:

  • (2011) Finishing university projects well in advance of deadlines

  • (2012) Going from doing zero exercise to working out 5 days per week

  • (2018) Training to compete for the UK in Mind Sports

  • (2019) Creating this video course on Udemy

In this class I'll be showing you the 4 most powerful techniques I've found for applying Gamification elements to real life, and share with you 4 templates that you can use for a real, sustained boost in your productivity.

You'll also learn about the Psychology of Motivation, and explore 5 further advanced techniques, so that by the end of the course you'll have:

  • Some ready-made templates (in Google Sheets) that you can begin to use whenever you like

  • The ability to design your own system (in any format) to match your productivity and lifestyle needs (or other people's)

And as with all Udemy courses, you are able to ask questions to me at any time and I'll be here to help!

Expected Outcomes

  1. The Psychology of Motivation and Rewards
  2. How to use Gamification to help you Achieve your Goals
  3. How to Use Gamification to help you Break Habits or Create Habits
  4. How to Use Gamification to help you Organize your Day and Plan Projects
  5. How to Create and Customize your own Game System to Boost your own Productivity