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  • Explaining the concept of each of; Binomial expansion, Arithmetic Progression & Geometric Series

  • Walk through the formulae needed for each lesson (derived)

  • Understand how to use these formulae to to answer questions

  • Learn how to pull out equations from wording of the questions

  • Solving questions (step by step) from the past papers to apply knowledge learned in the course on each lesson

  • Quick sheets and answer sheets in pdf format to revise on both the lesson and the question solved

By the end of this course you should solve all questions related to Binomial, Arithmetic, & Geometric quickly as well as efficiently.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Simplifying given expressions to be in the form required for binomial expansion
  2. Applying the formula method easily for expansion
  3. derive the formulae needed for arithmetic progression & geometric series
  4. Learn how to pull out useful info (equations) from the wording of the questions