Gentle Introduction to Dependency Injection by Google Guice

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Course Description

This course is a clear and simple guide for learning Google Guice from scratch.

To start this course, you are not required to know anything about Google Guice.

Prerequisite :

  • Core Java : Should be aware of basic functionalities of core java.

  • Eclipse IDE : Should be aware of how we write/run programs in eclipse.

Whats covered in the course ?

The course starts from zero & covers all the basics like what are Dependents, what are Dependencies and what is Dependency Injection. After this, course introduces you to Guice with which we can do Dependency Injection. Further, course covers in what all ways, we can do injection and what is the internal life cycle which guice follows to do it. Course covers most of the important core concepts of guice. This is a beginner's level course on Guice. So, if you dont know guice at all and want to learn it, this is definitely the course to go for without reading further !!. If you already know guice to some extent, then pls refer below to see whats covered in the course & decide if its suitable for your needs:

  • Understanding of Dependency, Dependents and Dependency Injection

  • Environment set up to get started

  • Bindings/Modules

  • Constant Binding

  • Object graph Building Life cycle / mechanism

  • Ways of injection - Constructor, Field and Method

  • Creating Singletons

  • Injecting objects with custom annotations

  • Injecting objects with Named Annotation

  • Creating Objects with @Provides method

  • Creating Objects with @Provides method with some additional configuration

  • Creating Objects with Provider class

  • Creating Objects with Provider class some additional configuration

  • Just in Time/ Built in Time bindings

  • Having and combining multiple modules

What is Google Guice ?

Google Guice is an open-source software framework for the Java platform released by Google. It provides support for dependency injection.

Why you should buy this course ?

If you want to learn Google Guice and know nothing about it, you should buy this course because :

1. The course gently introduces you to the new concepts and then explains you in step by step manner everything around it.

2. One video just explains you one topic so that its easily understandable.

3. You will get access to the source code, which i write in the videos

4. This course takes you through the development of a simple and real time application, in which we use Google Guice

5. Your instructor(me) has a good prior experience on training & teaching courses online and in classroom

Expected Outcomes

  1. This course is the best tutorial for learning Google Guice from scratch. You will learn what is Dependency, what are Dependents, what is Dependency Injection and finally you will learn how to use Google Guice. This course takes you to an intermediate level in guice or little better than that.