German for You B2: Upper Intermediate

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Course Description

This course will support you in reaching or expanding the B2 level in German. It will provide you with vocabulary, structure explanations, examples and exercises. The goal is to understand, speak and write German correctly on a higher intermediate level and give your language more variety.

I tried to keep the explanations as simple as possible, so the theory shouldn't be overwhelming. We will work with a lot of examples to help you understand how certain structures are used in various contexts. Of course, there will also be practice video lectures, quizzes, assignments and some downloadable exercises that you can find by clicking on 'Ressources' (next to the video player in the lecture list; they are attached to some of the lectures). For some assignments the solutions will be given. Others are supposed to support independent learning and can be shared with others.

This course will not directly prepare you for a B2 exam, but it will help you to further your fluency and accuracy in German which will certainly serve you well in reaching your goals.

Please note that the speed of the videos can be changed in case you find them too fast (or too slow). This setting can be found on the bottom left of the Udemy video player (standard setting: 1x).

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate students of German who finished B1.
  • Students on a B2 level who want to expand and/or review what they have learnt.
  • Students of C1 who want to review and/or close some knowledge gaps.

Course content

13 sections • 65 lectures • 5h 57m total length
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