Get Lucky Conjure

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Course Description

The most sought after goals in life is financial success and prosperity. It seems that some are just blessed with the Midas touch. This course provides students a way to sync their desires with the abstract concept of luck and money.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how to build the informational upload (workings) for the Universe, to get a desired result.

  • Know the importance of timing on a personalize level

  • How to use money magnets out of common household items

  • Know proper use of lucky powders and oils

In the is intermediate course on Conjure, a working knowledge of Hoodoo is essential to fully utilize the information. Taking the "Hoodoo and Conjure for Beginners" course will help in this "Get Lucky Conjure" course

Expected Outcomes

  1. The ability to take everyday objects and imbue their intent to create opportunities for prosperity for themselves and others.