Get Started with Microsoft Outlook

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Course Description

Microsoft Outlook used by millions of professionals and students all over the world - and it by far the most popular email applications.

Microsoft Outlook enables provides better organization, search capabilities, communication and social networking features.

A study released by Microsoft and the IDC showed that among 14.6 million job postings, proficiency in Microsoft Office was ranked 2nd as the most desired skills by employers leading up to 2020. Microsoft Office proficiency ranked higher than Project Management skills, Sales Experience, Time Management, Analytical Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Work Ethics.

This 'Get Started with Microsoft Outlook' course will have you mastering the basics of Outlook 2016 - 2018. Outlook for Windows has all the tools and functionality you've used before, as well as new and improved features for professional email, calendar, contacts, and task management to help you communicate faster and easier.

All the parts of the course are delivered in Jennifer's popular step-by-step teaching style. It ensures that you learn every step and doesn't miss anything out.

Jennifer is a knowledgeable tutor who has taught at many ability levels. She uses her experience of teaching absolute beginners to paces this video course well, in bite-sized pieces and with step by step instructions.
Jennifer prides herself on her ability to assume you know something already, to not leave you confused or as it you are missing a piece of the puzzle.

This Microsoft Outlook course does exactly what it says on the tin - 'Get Started with Microsoft Outlook'! You will be able to perform some really key actions which you need to use the email/ calendar and task functions - in an hour - for example Jennifer covers how to send and receive emails with attachments, create a calendar appointment/ event and meeting format, flag emails for follow up which adds them to your task list. The course also contains bonus 'tip' videos to teach you extra features of Outlook and help improve your productivity.

Let's get started! Enroll today and see how you too can harness the power of Microsoft Outlook!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn the basics of Microsoft Outlook (and more!)
  2. Organise Emails with Folders
  3. Work with the Microsoft Calendar - and get yourself organised!
  4. Create and Send Email Messages (with attachments) - so you can send stuff to people!
  5. Manage Tasks and Actions
  6. Manage Microsoft Outlook Contacts
  7. Use the Cc (Carbon Copy) Function
  8. Replying to emails
  9. Forward Emails
  10. Create a Signature
  11. Create a New Contact
  12. Send to Multiple People
  13. Delete Emails
  14. Attach File to Your Emails