Get the Universe Working For You Complete Course Modules 1-4

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Course Description

Get the Universe Working for You will uncover your blocks and obstacles to manifest abundance, relationships, health, career and happiness.

You will discover the secret language of the Universe and how to communicate with the Universe to get exactly what you want! When you change your inner being you change your outer world, therefore the things you attract. This course is for those who want to dig deep and remove the negative conditioning once and for all that holds you back.

Even if you are a newbie to understanding how your life is influenced, or well-versed in universal concepts or self-development, there is something new you'll discover about yourself and the Universe. Guaranteed a life-changing experience as you become empowered, awakened, released, free and more spiritually aligned. Time to stop living groundhog day, get off the rat-wheel and disconnect from the Matrix. Please note: this course is specifically designed for women.

These essential life skills reveal techniques to access your innate healing powers, discernment, intuitive abilities, and personal guidance system.

  1. Analyse the Messages Life is Giving You
  2. Use Your Body and Science to Read the Universal Messages
  3. Remove Negative Cords, Curses and Imprints from Past Stresses/Traumas
  4. Tap Into Spiritual Guidance to Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose
  5. Restore Your Vitality by Removing Connections that Siphon Your Energy
  6. Reverse the Negative Patterns and Beliefs that Control Your Life
  7. Convert Problems into Your Power to Rebuilding A New Foundation

Expected Outcomes

  1. Discover how to analyse the messages life is giving you
  2. Learn to use your body and science to read the Universal messages
  3. Remove negative cords, curses and imprints from past stresses/traumas/people
  4. Regain your power to get off the Matrix
  5. Restore your vitality by removing connections that siphon your energy
  6. Reverse the negative patterns and beliefs that control your life
  7. Convert problems into your power to rebuild a new foundation
  8. Identify your negative beliefs and programs created in childhood
  9. Become a conscious thinker
  10. Get an advantage in life and free yourself from negative thinking
  11. Change life from living painfully to living with insight
  12. Learn the secrets of success
  13. Learn how to accelerate your manifestations