Getting Hired

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Course Description

This course shows students how to identify career opportunities they qualify for, increase their chances of getting a call from employers, and successfully sell themselves during the interview process. Each lecture offers specific tips that students can apply to see immediate results. Once hired, our course also provides students with a lecture outlining steps to take to increase the chances for continued growth within their organization.

Our Instructor uses straightforward terms and examples that all students can relate to. In addition, the course provides simple exercises and tools that allow students to collect information on positions of interest and track any progress on applications submitted.

Taking this course will provide students with a detailed process for conducting their job search that can be used for years to come. The topics covered in each lecture will increase student confidence and significantly enhance their chances of receiving job offers.

Expected Outcomes

  1. 1. Prepare a cover letter and resume that effectively markets your abilities to employers
  2. 2. Identify career opportunities you qualify for
  3. 3. Utilize a variety of Internet resources to increase your chances of getting a phone call
  4. 4. Successfully transform that phone call into an invitation for an in person interview
  5. 5. Excel in 1-on-1 interviews, or interviews with multiple persons
  6. 6. Identify Prospective Mentors that can help you to advance your career