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This is a beginners course to Azure Virtual Machines that covers the following core fundamental topics:

  • Azure Overview

  • Access to PowerShell Admin Guide

  • Deploy Workloads on ARM VMs

  • Perform Configuration Management

  • Design and Implement VM Storage

  • Monitor ARM VMs

  • Manage ARM VM Availability

  • Scale ARM VMs

This course is designed to give you a basic introduction to all the different VM types and specializations in Azure, as well as how to complete a basic deployment. It is meant to be a short course to help you get a feel for Azure and deploying some of the most common IaaS services from the portal.

Consider the AZ-100 certification course if you want to continue on to Azure certification.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn to Deploy Azure Virtual Machines
  2. Learn about PowerShell DSC and VM Extensions
  3. Learn about Virtual Machine Storage
  4. Learn how to do basic VM monitoring
  5. Get ready to continue on their Azure journey