Glory Foundations Class - A Course in Sustainable Bliss

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Course Description

A life of genuine wholeness and fulfillment can often seem too good to be true. Spirituality, religion, and self help have come up short so many times. But, isn't there still a cry in our hearts for real heavenly life? This course aims to re-look at the primary message of Jesus Christ as an authentic answer to the quest for life and peace. Through twelve sessions of Christ centered exploration a foundation is laid for sustainable heaven on earth bliss!

Dive Deep Into A Naturally Supernatural Life of Heaven on Earth

  • In Depth Identity-Based Discipleship Class Sessions w/ Matt Spinks
  • Optional Homework Assignments and Accompanying Scriptures for Each Session
  • All Sessions are Presence Focused yet Include Practical Tips for Glory Life

Experience True Discipleship from a Joy and Bliss Based Curriculum

Jesus Christ himself taught his disciples many beautiful and powerful truths. He told them to pass these along to others. Yet, the reality of becoming a Christ disciple has often been portrayed as a boring, manipulative, unattractive process. This is not how it was intended! Jesus is an ecstatically happy, spontaneous, passionate being! And, He spoke of His yoke as being easy, and his burden light. Being who you are in Christ is the most natural, effortless, and ecstatic experience ever to be. Discovering this Way of life as a real part of your long term awareness will bear incredible fruit!

Many discipleship programs or Bible schools will discourage you, albeit unintentionally, by locking you into self-efforts, or a non-inclusive, judgmental mentality. There have been many distractions from the ecstasy of living as a genuine new creation in Christ. The Glory Foundations Class curriculum, with Matt Spinks, is a simple easy to understand collection of powerful pointers unto a whole new world. It is dripping with the life and authenticity of Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, and may just be the catalyst you are looking for to live daily in heaven on earth!

Contents and Overview

This course contains 12 specifically developed classes and more than 15 hours of raw content. It's designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to re-visit the foundations of a life of naturally supernatural Christ life.

In this course, you will be reminded in each session of your wholeness in Jesus Christ, and how that wholeness can manifest practically into a life that experiences heaven on earth.

It includes discussion regarding frequently asked questions, seeming pitfalls and misunderstandings, as well as practical down to earth tips.

And, finally, you'll learn how to literally express the life of Jesus through your life, by the Love of the Father, in the power and Glory of the Holy Spirit .

By the end of this course, you'll be given a wide spectrum and variety of revelatory insights into reality, as well as tips on how to apply them joyously and effortlessly in real life. You will feel empowered in key areas so that you will confidently know that the God life has always been yours. You will be experiencing this life. You will see the fountains of living water flowing out of your innermost being to refresh all things!

What are the requirements?
  • A willingness to learn and consider scandalous against the "status-quo" realities
What am I going to get from this course?
  • 12 sessions and more than 15 hours of content!
  • By the end of this course you will have been exposed to the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ and His liberating power to live in heaven on earth.
  • You will have been given a clear picture of the Finished Work of Christ and a child-like, yet mature understanding of it's implications.
  • You will have been given practical tools to enjoy a happy marriage, family, occupation, callings, finance, community, and many other areas.
  • You will be more creative, ecstatic, and capable of thinking in a completely new way.
What is the target audience?
  • Spiritual seekers of all kinds
  • People new to the Finished Work of Jesus Christ, the Glory, or Grace
  • Anyone who wants to be encouraged or refreshed in their experience of life

Expected Outcomes

  1. Have a greater revelation and experience of Love
  2. Live in a continual state of bliss and ecstasy
  3. Experience the finished work of wholeness and health in Christ
  4. Walk in a lifestyle and rhythm that is healthy and sustainable for long term fruit
  5. Live free from besetting struggles with negative life patterns
  6. Love and serve humanity in a joyful life giving way
  7. A foundation to live naturally and effortlessly in the supernatural Presence of God
  8. Experience heaven on earth in all situations, places, relationships, and stages of life