Gmail Email Unclutter, Automate Work with Multiple Accounts

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Course Description

I will start with a basic Gmail account. I teach you how to set up labels and organize your account. Then we learn how to automate the process so it is done for you when the emails come in, thus keeping it organized.

Then we will learn how to organize even more by using Windows 10 programs that allow us to add multiple email account and have even better filters. This will be more advanced and helpful for people with many large email accounts. These are some great programs that will enhance Gmail usage, and speed sorting, merging of email lists and more.

I will show you have to add Gmail to ZOHO Mail, eMail, Thunderbird email, Mailbird Email programs. You will watch live as we add Gmail accounts to these Email Clients. Learn how to install them and how they look and feel.

Compare the programs, install the programs, set up Gmail on the programs and use them all.

Expected Outcomes

  1. UnClutter Gmail, Filter Email,
  2. Automate Gmail with Filters and Rules that automatically move your emails
  3. View Multiple Gmail Accounts At One time using a Windows 10 Client
  4. Use Email Windows 10 Clients to Filter the Emails for you
  5. See how Windows 10 Email Clients are Setup and Installed.
  6. See Windows 10 Clients filter emails.
  7. eM Client, Outlook, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, MailSpring, MailBird, ZoHo Email