Gmail Masterclass - Become A Gmail Super User In 2 Hours

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Course Description

---- Course Updated August 2020 to include new Gmail Features ----

How to accomplish more using Gmail. Learn Productivity Features Hidden In Your Gmail Account (2020)

Are you maximising Gmail to its full potential?

Are you using Gmail as a tool to help you streamline your email workflow?

Are you automating your inbound emails?

If the answer is no then this is the course for you!

Ellie: "This was a really helpful course. I've been a personal Gmail user for years, but am about to use it professionally instead of Outlook so this was a really helpful primer. Really up-to-date with new features and settings. Very helpful and Giuseppe is a supportive coach - excited about putting this all into practice. Already feeling a sense of calm about my personal email - reading more of the newsletters and content I really value, and have stripped out a load of the noise."

Why Learn How To Be More Productive In Gmail?

Wether you like it or not, email is often the centre of your personal and professional communication channels. As a result, there can be hundreds of people fighting for attention in your Gmail inbox. That makes searching for emails and finding the important ones later a painful and daunting task. The great news is if you are a Gmail user, there are so many ways to customise, automate, filter, sort, and arrange the inbox to suit your personal needs.

By enrolling in this Gmail course, you will learn the key strategies to help you become much more efficient while using Gmail on a daily basis.

This course includes instant access to:

  • Instant actionable Gmail productivity features

  • Hours of premium video lectures

  • Lifetime course updates

  • Premium instructor support

All of this will help you be more efficient, more streamlined and more productive than any other Gmail course.

Why learn Gmail from Giuseppe?

This course has been tailored by Giuseppe using Gmail strategies he has mastered over the last 8 years. Giuseppe believes Gmail productivity is being able to accomplish more using Gmail in less time and in a efficient way. Giuseppe is a top rated instructor had has taught thousands of students worldwide, and can't wait to show you all he knows.

He promises to help you learn how to master Gmail no matter what it takes. If you ever feel lost or confused please post a question to the Q&A section and Giuseppe will be there to help you.

Kerry: "I've used Gmail for years and never really tried to optimize or use all the features it has. This course really opened my eyes in just how featured packed Gmail is and how easy it is to customize it to my needs"

Gmail course overview

What will you learn in this Gmail course?

  • Learn how to use email aliases, a technique to use multiple email addresses within one Gmail account

  • Learn how to create and manage labels, the building blocks/structure of your Gmail inbox

  • Learn how to create basic and advanced filters, a skill to help you segment your Gmail inbox

  • Learn how to automate your inbound emails, take the manual work out of your day to day tasks

  • Learn how to create an automated to do list

  • Learn how to subscribe to newsletters without your inbox becoming messy and overcrowding the important emails

  • Learn how to enhance and customise your Gmail interface, create a view that suits your personal needs

  • Learn techniques to faster process your emails, better streamline your way of working

  • Learn how to setup Gmail alerts

  • Learn how to user Google Contacts, better manage your Gmail contacts

  • Learn how to use the Gmail sidebar, create tasks, make notes and access your Gmail Calendar

  • Learn how to create a professional email signature

  • Course is up to date as of 2020 (no outdated features included in the course)

I hope this sounds great to you?

I'm so excited that you have landed here reading the course description. Once you have enrolled I can assure you won't regret it.

Hit the enrol button today and start your journey to becoming a Gmail pro!

I look forward to seeing you inside the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to improve their productivity in Gmail
  • Gmail users who are not using all the great productivity features in Gmail
  • Gmail users who feel overwhelmed, unorganised and distracted by the mass amount of emails in their Gmail inbox

Course content

12 sections • 37 lectures • 1h 55m total length
  • Please Watch, New Settings Feature Aug 2020