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Course Description

If you are going to make the effort to save money and simplify your lifestyle, it should come with a purpose! For us, it was to move abroad, and we have accomplished our goals. We are living in India while working online and maintaining a modest budget and simple lifestyle, all debt free!

This course helps you work toward your goals right from the beginning, by taking part in practical activities and challenges to reduce spending and simplify your life. Other exercises prepare you mentally for a move abroad, and help you get everything you own into a few suitcases without missing out. And you will learn ways you can be self-sustaining so that you can live permanently in other countries as a digital nomad.

We show you our finances, our stuff, our home, and show you how you can cut down on your expenses, stuff and simplify your lifestyle. Then we show what you will need to prepare yourself and anchor yourself to moving and living abroad.

Nathan and Danica:

Countries lived in: Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Nepal and India

Reduced our possessions to fit into: 4 suitcases

Our monthly budget before in Canada: $600US

Our monthly budget now in India: $200US

In Nepal, for one month we lived on one dollar a day, which started our career of YouTubing. We run a YouTube travel channel called The Ticket to Travel which you can enjoy along with this course and for months afterward. Working online allows us to live abroad, able to work from anywhere as digital nomads. You can do everything that we have done and more! How? By taking this course and putting what you learn into action!

The course provides practical worksheets to create and maintain a budget, and to identify what is cluttering your life; and our full eBook on money saving lifehacks that we provide for free.


R.C. said:

"Not only does this duo walk the talk, but they have done so to the extreme. Now, they don't expect you to follow their footsteps one after another, but I found their story quite inspiring. By taking their work to the extreme as they have I feel as though I am learning from true professionals in the domain of light living."

Sound like what you have been looking for? Great! We have been looking for you!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Drastically reduce costs while keeping enjoyment
  2. Minimize belongings with ease
  3. Able to cut down on work
  4. Prepare to move to another country
  5. Move to and adjust to living in another country