Grants to Pay for Cars, Car Payments and Car Repairs

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Course Description

You don't know about these programs because they don't have money to advertise. You won't find these programs using Google, unless you carefully comb through thousands and thousands of websites in your research results.

The upside-down world of Google makes it more certain that you see all the web sites that want to charge you money to solve your problem, and the ones that will solve the problem for free are buried within your Google haystack.

But Don't Worry!!! I've done all the work for you. I've been doing free money research for over 40 years and sold over 4 million books that uncover little-known free money gems that the experts never tell you about.

I show you sources you never ever dreamed of. You get hand-holding instructions as well as websites and contact info for you can start solving your car problems today.

I bet you did not know:

-- There are over 120 non-profit organizations in the USA that give out cars for no-cost or little cost

-- Cars loans are available at ridiculously low interest rates even when you have very bad credit

--Organizations will repair your car at no-cost

--Access a government database to see if your car is one for the 12 Million cars a year can get fixed for no-cost but owners don't know it

-- State governments give $8,000 to help buy a car

---Local governments help pay for auto insurance

--How to get $500 for emergency cash to pay for auto repair

--Mechanics will come to your home and fix you car at a 40% Discount

Learn the secrets of taking the pain out of paying for cars and car repairs.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to take advantage of every program available from the government, non-profit organizations or the internet that provides cars and car repairs for little or no money