Greatest Story Ever Stolen

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Course Description


According to our ancestors of the ancient Nile Valley civilizations…

Who are we?

What is our main purpose in life?

At the end of the book, one will have a better understanding of the spirituality of the very first civilizations of the world and their journey in life to understand the cosmic universe in order for self-improvement.

Venture into the zodiac created by the ancient Nile Valley inhabitants and its influence in the Holy Bible, church, and religion.


Spirituality / Astronomy / Astrology / Religion


To have a better understanding of who you are, where you been in order to influence where you go.


Informative video presentation.

Materials Included - The universe.

Target Audience - All

Duration - 3 hours

Expected Outcomes

  1. Be familiar with Ancient Kush and Kemetyu Spirituality, Astronomy, Astrology, and influence on Religion.