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This course covers everything from basic to final results. It starts from Google Search data Download and process data till last result. it also covers the  use of  available  online data sources to prepare Groundwater. It covers all Practical aspects till final results. Only you need to have land use map  ready before starting of this course.  Rest of things covered in this course from basic. You no need to go anywhere outside of you room to run this project. But if you have observation data then you can generate fluctuation map also, that is optional part of this project. By using GIS it is also possible to generate groundwater maps without groundwater data also. But this data is not easily available. So, while performing groundwater potential zone analysis we not used observed data it is optional. Observed data covered in other section of this course for fluctuation map analysis. The data, which used for Groundwater analysis, same data can be used for other analysis also, like Flood risk, Drought prone area analysis. So this analysis are also performed in this course. Because data is same just difference of value.  You will also learn data plotting. This project also covers watershed Delineations.  If your study area is not watershed, just use study area boundary and skip watershed delineation.  Therefore, it covers more than it specified. You by taking this course you not only learn groundwater, you will learn many more advanced task of GIS also, Like DEM mosaic, Data Re-Project , Cutting of study area, soil map generation etc. Therefore, This is complete project from scratch. Feel free to ask me question in Q&A Section. I assumed you know very basic of GIS to perform this analysis.  This is Expert level work.

This course is in Full HD 1080p for better Experience use Setting to HD and headphones.

Only take this course if you know basic of GIS. You must have landuse landcover file before processing to this course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Successfully identify Groundwater Potential Zones
  2. Also Drought prone Area analysis
  3. Flood Risk map
  4. Working with Rainfall Data
  5. Generate Soil Map and identify Soil Properties
  6. Delineate Watershed
  7. Drainage Density and Drainage Maps
  8. Mosaic of Digital Elevation Model
  9. Area Calculation from Pixels
  10. Data Interpolation
  11. Adding Data from Excel to GIS Environment
  12. Perform GIS data calculations
  13. Tool used for Site suitability analysis
  14. Working with CDF file and data Extraction, Map Generation, Calculation,
  15. Data Reclassification
  16. Generate Fluctuation maps to identify Good Aquifer.
  17. Data Reproject
  18. Calculation with Raster Data
  19. Data management in GIS