Group Work to Team Work: Career Asset Building

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Course Description

This course looks at the number one career asset sought by recruiters: the ability to work well in, and contribute well to, teams and teamwork. This course will provide you with research-based knowledge about how teams function and the skills you can develop that will make you a desired team member or team manager.

By applying the knowledge and skills you will acquire by completing the course you will be able to use the group work projects you encounter(ed) as part of your high school, college or university education or in your workplace or in community and recreational groups to apply your teamwork knowledge and hone your team process skills. At the same time, you will gather the behavioral examples necessary for you to respond to recruiter interview questions in ways that that will significantly improve how they evaluate you and your career prospects.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn why the ability to work well in teams is the number one thing that recruiters are looking for.
  2. Learn why some teams work well and others do not and learn what you can do to make the groups and teams you are involved in go better.
  3. See how you can use the group projects in which you participate in school, college, university or in clubs, community or team situations to develop killer teamwork skills by expanding your teamwork tool set.
  4. See how you can take what you learn in the course and, by applying it to your group project experiences, develop into a teamwork expert.
  5. Learn how to prepare yourself to respond optimally to recruiters’ questions about your teamwork knowledge skill and experience and increase your chances of landing the positions you apply for.