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You follow progressions to learn gymnastics, flips and kicks? But….

  • You know the correct progressions to learn a move but it`s not enough?

  • You could use more specific exercises to supplement your training?

  • You want specific exercises to drill and repeat without any risk involved?

In this special course for gymnastics you will learn unique exercises to complement your training!

Wether you are already doing gymnastics or acrobatics and you simply want to widen your skillset or a beginner starting out – you will be able to progress at your own pace at home following clear and efficient step by step progressions.

Use this course to efficiently troubleshoot your practice and achieve the moves you always dreamed of!

While there are plenty of tutorials and progressions that show how to learn gymnastics, martial arts acrobatics and tricking, it is difficult to find a course specialising in specific assistance exercises like this one. Clear progressions are most important and show exactly how to learn a move but are also often times exhausting to drill or repeat for many times. I usually divide the moves into many small progressions to make them as easy as possible. But even then there are usually some progressions which still remain difficult and could use some supplementary exercises.

This course offers a variety of unique and original assistance exercises to use in combination with the progressions. This enables you to efficiently troubleshoot your practice and target weak points. This way you can learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and martial arts acrobatics without the fear of injury and hurting yourself.

Course Bonuses

  • All the sections, lectures and exercises are built upon each other and everything comes from one source

  • Direct feedback and help from me your instructor…you can ask me and we will solve any problem together

  • This course follows the same methodology as all my previous courses and is a perfect addition

  • Filmed in HD quality and a cool design makes course a nice source to work with

  • Bonus section with a selection of different hip mobility exercises

The key things you will learn

  • How to use assistance exercises to troubleshoot and target weak points

  • Master essential gymnastics skills for beginners and intermediate

  • Knowing how to complement your learning of acrobatic flips and kicks by using supplementary exercises

  • Knowing how to train safely and without the fear of falling and hurting yourself

Choose among over 60 Assistance Exercises for the following moves

  • Handstand

  • Butterfly Kick

  • Aerial

  • Kip Up

  • Fronthandspring

  • Macaco

  • Backhandspring

  • Touch Down Raiz

Master all 3 Flipping Directions

  • Forward Flipping Motions

  • Backward Flipping Motions

  • Sideward Flipping Motion

Contents and Overview

This course starts with a welcoming section. First you will get an overview about the course. I will shortly introduce myself with one of my newest videos so that you know which whom you will work over the duration of this course. After that you will get introduced to the training methodology, course structure and how to follow the sections and lectures.

After completing the first chapter – which will not take too long – you are ready to start into the main part of this course. You will find 8 different moves which belong to different moves categories such as forward flipping motions, backwards flipping motions or sideward flipping motions. For each move there is a tutorial with all the progressions. These tutorials are identical to the tutorials of my other courses and are only included to provide a reference for the assistance exercises. Depending on the move you want or the problem you have you can go there and choose among the exercises suitable for you. In total there are over 60 assistance exercises in this course.

As a natural side effect of doing the exercises you will significantly increase your strength and flexibility, body control, balance and agility. You will get into better shape than ever and widen your range of abilities. And the best is – all this while having fun!

If you want to learn gymnastics and create a solid foundation for acrobatics in a variety of disciplines like martial arts, tricking , parkour, calisthenics, tumbling or just increase your fitness, health and happiness…then this course is exactly right for you!

Are you ready to start learning?

Do not hesitate and start your training now! With this online course you can take it at your own pace. Even though you might be too busy right now you can enrol today and take the course at your own pace.

Try it out and and have fun. Thank you so much for your interest in my course “Gymnastics | Assistance Exercises To Learn Acrobatics”.

See you inside and …. train smart!

Tom Inauen / TOMTRICKS

(Disclaimer Notice: In order to perform the exercises effectively and safely you should be in good physical condition prior to beginning the course. By registering for the course or performing these exercises you understand that exercising can lead to physical injury. If you engage in any exercise suggested by Thomas Inauen, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Thomas Inauen from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising out of Thomas Inauen`s negligence.)

Expected Outcomes

  1. You learn how to complement progressions with unique exercises for gymnastics and acrobatics
  2. You learn how to use supplementary exercises to troubleshoot and target weak points
  3. You will increase strength and flexibility while improving your skillset at the same time
  4. You will finally overcome barriers and achieve the moves you always dreamed of
  5. You will become super fit and increase your range of abilities in an enjoyable way
  6. You learn to use your body creatively and explore new methods of learning gymnastics