Hack your personality 4 more success with Michael & Victoria

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Course Description

Hack your personality for faster results! with Michael & Victoria

Personality Styles

Personality styles are a set of traits we all have. Each of us using them in a unique fashion. They can build lives or baffle us in life.

How we decide to treat ourselves and each other based on our own style preferences can make the difference.

We'll help you understand the differences, how to spot them and how to better engage with others.


We all have one. Yet how aware are you of yours?

Types of Personality Styles

There are over 101 personality style programs.

In this program we have broken out the research into four styles:

The personality styles we have are in part due to the family we are born into, our belief systems, our culture, our faith, and how others treat us.

This program offers you insights into what your style preferences could be, how to recognize the distinct styles in others and how to more successfully connect and engage with others for better outcomes.

We wish you much success in this program.I know that learning, practising and using this material can pay big dividends.

So, like everything else in life mastery over understanding and using each of the styles takes time and practise. I wish you much success. Family, friendships, dating and romance, work and social all get easier once you learn to use the four styles. Go get em!!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what the four styles are
  2. Discover how to best connect with each style
  3. Uncover why you are like you are
  4. Take the appropriate steps to better connect with each style