Handbuilt Pottery Techniques and Projects

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Course Description

This course teaches you the hand building techniques for making objects/pots with clay.

If you are creative minded person who likes to make different things and likes to learn new techniques for giving life to your ideas, this course is for you.

We use clay and some very basic hand tools in this course and it means you don't have to buy any expensive equipment.

All the lectures in this course are delivered in HD video format and you'll be able to see how exactly I make things using clay.

This course is perfect for you if

  • You are person wanting to make different things using your creative imagination or
  • A student looking to increase your understanding of clay as a material or
  • You are interested in clay-mation or
  • You are a budding sculptor or a pottery artist or
  • A home maker wanting to make good use of time or
  • Someone who just wants to have some creative fun
Interest in learning something new is the only pre-requisite for joining this course.

I am working on adding some more lectures about animal sculpture and masks making. You'll get an email update when I upload those lectures.

So, hop on and let your creative journey begin!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create clay pottery using three easy hand building techniques.
  2. Give interesting textures to your objects
  3. Create animals sculptures with ease