Happy You - positive psychology to increase your happiness

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Course Description

Do you want to be happy? Of Course you do, we all do, but sometimes finding the key to our own happiness can be incredibly difficult. Happiness can be found in many different areas of our lives and in many different ways, whether it is having a passion about something we do, a person we love, a belief system or religion or our relationship with nature.

The key to happiness is different for everybody, but sometimes we can forget what that is, or we can be so caught up 'life' that we forget 'how' to be happy on a consistent basis.

In this course the presenter reveals:

  • 8 things you need to STOP doing to improve your happiness

  • 21 things you can do today to help find the key to your happiness

  • 10 scientifically proven methods for being happy and STAYING happy

  • The Number 1 key to happiness

Happy You' also provides clear and concise tips to help you find happiness at school, happiness at work, happiness at home, happiness in relationships, happiness in nature and happiness through religion.

Happy You' is a no-nonsense, straightforward, to the point guide that will help you find the nature of your own happiness so you can live the life, you want to live.

Topics covered include:

  • Meditation

  • Psychology

  • Mindfulness

  • Exercise

  • Self Care

  • Life Coaching

  • Philosophy

  • Neuroscience

  • Personal Development

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to live life by design and increase their happiness and personal well being

Course content

8 sections • 54 lectures • 3h 4m total length