Harness Your Potential & Relationships through Face Reading

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Course Description

Did you know that there is a scientific correlation of how a face can reveal more than just expressions and feelings? Physiognomy has been around for centuries but only now again is gaining popularity again as facial traits give an accurate insight to personal traits and genetic gifts. The Power of Face Reading can;

  • Get in greater sync with your hidden potential and personality.

  • Enhance the impact of negotiation

  • Create a stronger influence and manage relationships more effectively.

  • Boost your Profits, Sales and Communication.

  • Understand people better.

In fact, you can uncover genetic traits and gifts and understand yourself and others in a better way.

This introductory course is designed for both individual and professionals alike as well as those who would like to advance as a face reading practitioner*

The course has been designed by internationally featured Face Reading Expert and Physiognomist Nitesh Gurnani as seen on Entrepreneurs, IdeaMensch, Bizztor and Start-Up Success Stories.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Boost Profits and Sales
  2. Harness inner potential and discover genetic gifts
  3. How to negotiate more persuasively
  4. Create stronger influence and manage relationships effectively
  5. Power of FaceReading: . How to read facial Indicators for Personality Assessments