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As a middle school French teacher, I pride myself in creating fun and interactive lessons. I have done just that with this introductory French course. I have structured the class in a way that you can learn the basic French greetings, colors, numbers, cognates, adjectives and polite words while having fun. This is a great course for children and adults who love to learn while playing. In this course, I teach you how to pronounce the new vocabulary and give you tools to assess you own learning while playing fun and interactive games such as kahoot and quizlet. In addition, I attach a YouTube link to each section for your entertainment while learning. This course is unique and I challenge you to see what is unique about it. You will have an opportunity to leave your feedback and share with me what you have learned.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to start a conversation in French
  2. Identify and pronounced basic French colors
  3. Identify and pronounce basic French numbers
  4. Read the French alphabet
  5. Identify French cognates in the English language
  6. Use simple French adjectives to describe themselves