Heal Your Hurt through Balancing Chakras - Scorpio Healing

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Course Description

Stored and blocked emotion, trapped past hurt and self doubt can cause huge issues within our lives. Learn how, through meditation and combination energy therapy you can release any blocked trapped and negative influences from your life. Release yourself and become the loved person you were always destined to be. This course is a new and multi-discipline approach, created through experience of holistic healing, and now available to you. Learn how you can begin your true life pathway, releasing all negativity, releasing all past emotion which no longer serves you and become a loved and truly loveable being of love and light. This course gently removes all emotional blocks, clears you from trapped emotion, releases your energy to create a free and open you and enables you to love, be loved and accept love.

Expected Outcomes

  1. understand that emotions, heartache, grief and fear can be trapped within the body and cause ongoing health problems
  2. use 7 Stages guided meditations and visualization to release trapped negative emotion
  3. use methods taught to heal the 7 chakras and restore the bodies natural energy
  4. clear past emotional hurt and pain through chakra balancing techniques
  5. use 7 healing mantras and positive affirmations to clear negativity, pain and hurt while balancing chakras
  6. restore health, vitality and natural energy through balanced chakras.
  7. use 7 crystalline vibrations for chakra alignment
  8. use 7 colors for healing and bringing balance to the chakras
  9. use 7 elements for opening and closing Sacred Space
  10. use 7 tones and notes for sound healing and chakra energy alignment