Health Communication Mastery: Module 1

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Course Description

What is Health Communication Mastery: Module 1?

Health Communication Mastery (HCM) Module 1 is a bespoke, step-by-step programme for health practitioners to improve their communication in a 1-to-1 consultation, presentation and telecommunication settings.

Who delivers HCM Module 1?

HCM was created by and is delivered in video and written format by Rick Miller, a practicing Clinical & Sports Dietitian and Dimitrios Loukakis, a voice and communication specialist.

What can I expect from HCM Module 1?

As the student you can expect to find:

  • Step-by-step HD videos covering all the elements needed to master your communication skills in one-to-one consultations, presentations and telecommunications (such as a webinar).
  • Professional actors demonstrating the skills Rick and Dimitri talk about in the videos, showing incorrect practice and how to correct it.
  • Additional resources to support the video content such as: flowcharts for decision making.

Why choose HCM Module 1?

Effective communication skills are a vital business tool for health practitioners. It helps to build healthy relationships between practitioners and clients by promoting trust and compassion. Effective communication also forms the building blocks of an engaging and inspiring presentation or webinar. It is therefore is key to increasing client satisfaction and retention, and should be mastered by any health practitioner who wants their business to succeed.

However, it is rare to find communication skills courses that are bespoke for health practitioners. In addition, the vast majority of health practitioner courses have only very small amount of communication training, leaving health practitioners under-equipped in this area of their practice.

Rick and Dimitrios understand the communication needs of health practitioners and have combined forces to create Health Communication Mastery module 1: A step by step video course designed to create solutions to everyday communication challenges faced by most health practitioners today.

If you want to achieve mastery in your communication and and success in your business, look no further than Health Communication Mastery: Module 1, and serve your clients better.

Who this course is for:

  • Health practitioners or student health practitioners, such as a nutritional therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, medical doctors, personal trainers, nurses, physiotherapists and psychotherapists who want to develop their communication skills.
  • Individuals interested in refining their group presentation skills
  • Individuals interested in refining their 1-to-1 communication skills within a consultation setting
  • Individuals interested in refining their communication skills within a webinar setting

Course content

11 sections • 32 lectures • 1h 35m total length