Healthy Meaningful Lifestyle Through Islamic Holistic Health

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Course Description

Today we find the vast majority of Muslims shockingly unaware and/or negligent of most if not all of these dimensions of health, rather than taking their rightful position as the healthiest people on the Planet, as their Deen encourages & teaches. Without strength & health in all these dimensions we cannot live an effective life of Allah’s Servitude for which we have been created.

This concise, online course covers the theory in all these areas, and we feel is “a need of the times”. This workshop will cover the The basics of Holistic health, RUHANI (Spiritual) health and JISMANI (Physical) Health InshaAllah

Expected Outcomes

  1. A critical examination of what a "Meaningful Life" is and its components.
  2. The Holistic Approach towards Living Life
  3. What does "Ruhani Health" entail? How to nurture & protect it?
  4. Importance of Physical Health and its impact on worldly and next worldly success.