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Leslie’s Heart Centered Reiki course goes above and beyond my expectations. While clear and concise, it’s also in-depth and helpful. There’s just the right amount of information in each section and it flows seamlessly. All in all, the best course I’ve taken on Udemy. Thank you so much Leslie. Love and gratitude. Adam

This course is amazing, this is very very knowledgeable & user friendly course. I have giver 10 star to this course!” Darshan

“This course is positive & uplifting. The instructor cares and is encouraging to the participants. Highly recommend this course.” Rebecca

This gave me so much hope as I’m going through so much as I try to self heal. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!”  Mya

“I was thrilled to participate in a course that is so easy to use. Please take some time for yourself. We all have things to heal. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. Thanks Leslie, for sharing your heart and creating this lovely experience for inner growth.” Scott

STEP INTO HEART CENTERED REIKI AND TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE! Become a confident practitioner of the powerful Eastern healing modality of Reiki, based on the traditional teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui!  Learn to tap into and harness universal life force energy to master the art of balancing of your mind, body & spirit. Experience hands on application for self healing and in doing so, broaden your expertise toward the healing of others. Learn to channel healing across time & distance, past, present and future by working with ancient, sacred symbols attuned specifically for deep awareness and healing. Wake up to your abundant life and answer the call to step into this beautiful path of personal transformation.

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In Heart Centered Reiki Level One, your journey will center around your healing through personal reflection exercises, guided meditations to work with the energy blockages buried deep within your subconscious mind, and the trusted hands on applications for self healing. We will explore the history of Reiki and the many ways it can empower you personally.  We will take you through awareness exercises to learn Heart Centered Reiki and mind, body spirit approach associated with it. We will explore the chakras and discover which areas are blocked and how they can be cleared. The world revolves around you in this level!

In Heart Centered Reiki Level Two, you will be introduced to the three pillars of Reiki, and the foundational elements needed for the healing of others. We will breathe our way through guided meditations and be introduced to three sacred symbols specifically intended to support you as you practice channeling healing energy as an evolving Heart Centered Reiki Practitioner. We will introduce you to your powerful hands in using these three symbols, while teaching you hands on application of the power symbol, the emotional and mental symbol and the long distant symbol. Other topics covered are: methods of channeling Reiki, client considerations, practical distant healing for past, present and future, learning specifications for channeling in various situations, using Reiki to heal your inner child, healing ancestral energy, applying Reiki to your dreams and goals, and using healing energy for animals. Level 2 invites you to move into practical role-playing exercises, with hands on experiences. Participants will learn to implement guidelines for sending Reiki while implementing a greater understanding of its unlimited uses. Master your heart. Master Level 2!

Heart-Centered Reiki Level 3 & 4 invites participants to further their understanding of healing energy, leading them into mastering their own Divine heart. Heart-Centered Reiki Master/Teacher gives rise to the opportunity to receive the Master Symbol which is the highest frequency for healing. Participants move from student energy into the possibility of becoming a Heart Centered Reiki Master/Teacher. In this level, students will be introduced to the Master symbol and its uses, as they experience intention and intuitive exercises. They will be given an overview of the attunement ceremony, learn how to prepare students for their attunement as well as themselves. There will be hands on application for facilitating the attunement four levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, which will be mastered, as well as how to give long distant attunements. Students will role-play with the advanced Reiki techniques. Students will be shown how to perform intuitive surgery, and apply Reiji, a self-empowerment exercise for themselves and also learn how to offer it to others. Some bonus videos will cover embracing and understanding the 21 signs of spiritual awakening, participating in our personal quiz: Are you a healer?

Expected Outcomes

  1. GET CERTIFIED as a Heart-Centered Reiki Master/Teacher
  2. Channel divine healing energy to yourself and others.
  3. How to tune into your chakras (the 7 energy centers of the body) balance and align them
  4. Enhance your connection with the universe and everything around you.
  5. Greater awareness of synchronicities and the ability to attract the life you deserve.
  6. Greater love and appreciation for life and your life’s purpose.
  7. Clearer direction and enhanced intuitive gifts that can bless you and the people you love.
  8. The ability to channel healing energy across time, space, distances and situations.
  9. Create with increased confidence by owning your ability to manifest your dreams.
  10. Be more closely connected to the spiritual realm and your loved ones.
  11. Expand your vision and your world, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  12. Raise the energy levels of your body, mind and spirit, feeling a sense of oneness with everything around you.
  13. Increased spiritual guidance, visions and dreams as you practice using Heart-Centered Reiki
  14. Increased love of self, others and the planet.
  15. Clearer understanding of your purpose, and deeper clarity with your souls purpose.
  16. Gain a greater sense of empowerment, confidence, awareness, understanding and appreciation for all things.
  17. Master goal setting with Heart-Centered Reiki and see them realized.
  18. Share you new found life’s improvements with others and take part in global healing.