Helping you Breastfeed your Baby with Confidence

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Course Description

We feel extremely privileged to be sharing in this special journey with you. It truly is a magical time for every parent! The first year of your child’s life is by far the most dependent and delicate time and can be overwhelming. It requires us as caregivers to really tune in to our babies. This course was designed to give you the tools and techniques to help you do just that.

In this course, we will help you master the art of breastfeeding with your newborn. You will have a system that you can follow step-by-step to ensure that you have a happy, healthy and pain-free breastfeeding experience. You will understand how your body knows to produce milk. What is colostrum and why is it important? Top-up feeds. You will know which positions are most effective in feeding your baby and how to support your baby while breastfeeding. You will understand how to get the right latch for your baby. You will know how to express milk and make best use of your breastfeeding pump in the workplace. You will know how to store breastmilk which is aptly nicknamed "Liquid Gold". How often must your baby be fed?

More importantly this course is designed to give you the parenting confidence that you need to minimise the overwhelming feeling of it all and to truly enjoy this once in a lifetime breastfeeding experience.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to Breastfeed effectively in the early days
  2. Best Breastfeeding Positions
  3. How to Express and Store Breastmilk
  4. Which Side to Breastfeed When
  5. Supporting your Partner with their Breastfeeding Journey
  6. Breastfeeding for the Working Parent
  7. Breastfeeding Policies in the Workplace
  8. Trusting your Body