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Hello everyone, My self Jeevan Dhami, a hinudstani Bansuri player from Patna, Bihar, India

Presenting you a versatile Course on the extreme basics of flute playing,

This Course and the lectures are designed such a way, that it is in the increasing order of its difficulty, where first being the most easy to understand and last being the most challenging one.

After going through the entire course and understanding the theories nicely you will be able to

1. Have a very solid basic knowledge of Indian flute playing

2. Have a great sense of rhythm, and playing things in perfect orderly fashion

3. will be able to play things with great fluency and will have a great hold onto your instrument.

3. You will be able the play the most famous tune related to this instrument ” hero Tune” in the most easiest manner

4. and many more other compositions.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn to play flute ( north Indian Hindustani Bansuri ) from Scratch to a decent level of Knowledge