Hiring Great People: Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

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Course Description

Learn how to recruit, select, develop, and retain the best talent in your industry so you can enjoy your business.

This course is for small business owners who are confused and frustrated about how to hire, manage, and keep great people on their staff.

After completing this course, you will understand:

  • What people really want from a job (Hint: It’s not always the highest pay and benefits)

  • How to position your job opening as “exactly what I’m looking for” for that right person

  • How to write an employment ad that will immediately grab that person’s attention

  • How to quickly sort through online responses to find those diamonds in the rough

  • How to confidently conduct effective interviews on the phone, by Zoom, and in person.

  • How to make the first 30, 60, and 90 days as productive as possible, in order to maximize your new hire’s short-term job satisfaction, and long term success.

You know, How to Hire and Keep Great People

Over the course of my career, I've made over 200 individual hiring decisions at my own companies, spent millions on paychecks, benefits, and withholding taxes, and once made payroll for 728 consecutive weeks.

I've also helped other companies in a variety of industries achieve dramatically better hiring results for a wide range of skilled positions.

And, at a few points in my career, I've sat on the other side of the interview table as a job applicant, watching a manager or business owner completely blow the interview, causing me to decide to seek employment elsewhere.

I’ve put all of that experience into a system for hiring and keeping great people, and brought it to you in this course.

This system will work for you, even if:

  • You’re hiring your first employee ever

  • You think your company is too small, too new or too whatever for anybody to want to work for

  • The job you’re offering is part-time or low pay

  • You don’t offer health benefits or paid time off

  • You’ve had nothing but terrible hiring results in the past

  • You don’t know how to write a job description

  • No one seems to respond to the employment ads you post

  • You don’t know what to say when interviewing candidates

In addition to the video content, every lesson is also provided in audio format for you to download and listen to while you're exercising or in the car.

You also receive a number of bonuses, including:

  • An optimized job description you can download and edit

  • An over-the-shoulder view of me quickly sorting through a large number of online responses and narrowing them down to the handful of people I want to talk to on the phone.

  • A great employment ad you can customize and post anywhere

  • And, my secret weapon 10-question general knowledge test that I spring on applicants right at the end of our initial telephone call.

I can’t tell you how many people revealed their true personality to me after taking that short test

So you’ve got everything to gain and - with Udemy's 30-day money-back guarantee - nothing to lose.

Click the button, to learn How to Hire and Keep Great People.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners and Managers
  • Anyone looking to hire remote workers

Course content

7 sections • 29 lectures • 3h 36m total length