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We live in a world that is intense, constantly changing, and unforgiving.

Especially now as we walk through the coronavirus, Covid19 crisis, some of us give up along the way while some of us choose to relentlessly survive.

But what we can change is who we choose to be, and what we can become in the future.

Resilience is not only about surviving, it is about thriving – constantly thriving in your life, career, and relationships, as well as during a crisis.

How is this course different from other courses out there?

  • Resilience is inapplicable if we only focus on our mind or emotions. This course debunks such notion and reveals how resilience really works in our personal and career life – through our minds, emotions, body, and spirit combined.

  • This course focuses on the harmony of our minds, emotions, body, and spirit that releases the real you, the resilient you.

  • You will learn how the combined strength of your minds, emotions, body, and spirit will allow you to build “resources” that will last during challenging times in life and career, especially during coronavirus Covid19.

  • True resilience is about achieving breakthroughs, coping, adapting, and constantly building on these 4 blocks of resilience.

  • Resilience can certainly bring us success in life and career, but only if we pay attention to the holistic process behind resilience, which we will learn in this course.

What this course offers you:

  • This course is complete with deeply engaging, deeply probing, holistic, high-quality content that helps you to put your insights on resilience into action.

  • FREE eBook on resilience & leadership, authored by the very own instructor.

  • Free lifetime access with additional community support.

  • Free upgrade of all future extra lectures and resources.

  • Certification by Udemy at the completion of this course.

  • HD video content, supplementary resources, and complimentary tutor support 24/7.

Full Impact Coaching & Consulting has trained clients and organisations using the same holistic framework for many years to release individuals, leaders, and teams into their fullness. It has not only improved their personal development, career development and heightened their professional performance, but also brought them meaning, purpose, and a lasting success.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn resilience and leadership principles from the instructor’s very own free book (FREE gift!)
  2. Become who you are fully meant to be and transform your life and career into greatness.
  3. Develop true resilience by interweaving the resilience your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
  4. Develop mental resilience by transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
  5. Develop emotional resilience by understanding how to interpret and change your emotional habits.
  6. Bounce back in resilience from trauma, past wounds, challenges and crisis such as coronavirus Covid19.
  7. Identify what causes stress in life and career and develop stress management strategies.
  8. Understand how spirituality can help us become happier and increase our resilience.
  9. Set clear and inspiring goals for life, career and relationships.