Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage

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Course Description

Homosexuality is one of the controversies of our day. With same-sex marriage being legalized, and Christians drawing "battle lines" on both sides of the issue, it has never been more important to revisit the biblical texts and discover what the text actually has to say about it... beyond tradition, beyond wishful thinking. What is the witness of the Scriptures?

In this course, you will learn which passages speak to this issue, whether directly or indirectly. You will learn how to read these verses in light of their textual and cultural contexts, and will be able to minister effectively to people on all sides of the issue.

Taught by Pastor Romell Parks-Weekly, a Christian pastor of 18 years who has been ministering in this area for over 10 years, you will find that this is the most comprehensive teaching on homosexuality and the Bible that you will find anywhere online.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What the Bible does and doesn't say about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.
  2. How to properly apply God's heart when living out the teachings of Scripture.
  3. The cultural context surrounding various passages of Scripture (the world behind the text that inspired what was written).
  4. How to discuss transsexuality, intersexuality, gender identity, and more.