How I Booked 4 Commercials In 1 Year, Including a National!

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Course Description

Learn from a CURRENT WORKING ACTRESS with multiple commercials who is auditioning and working NOW. I am a USC theater graduate, UCB improv student, Commercial and audition class graduate and I can give you the tips and real answers of how to book work as an actor. I'm proof it works!

I will give you the tools that you need to build your acting career.

I'll show you what you have control over as your job as an actor and the easy tips that will keep you focused and having fun. Acting is a combination of "CRAFT" and "BUSINESS" for success and you need both to work consistently. Your headshot, resume, and reels are your "MARKETING MATERIALS" that get you in the room. You can also build yourself from small jobs to an Agent booking you big-time Nationals! I'll also give you tips to conduct yourself professionally in the room that leaves you free, confident, and able to have a fantastic time! Commercials are an absolute blast, you can make money from having fun! It's crazy!

Remember! I booked 4 commercials in a year! (2 myself, 1 with a Manager, and 1 with a new Agent!)

I made my yearly salary in less than a weeks worth of working On Set! This is so weird to write this out! LOL it seems nutty right?!

What makes me different from other teachers is I am currently auditioning, working and living as working actress, so take it from me! This info is fresh. I also am a University Graduate from the USC School of Theater and have attended countless workshops and schools, and they don't teach you the tips and tricks to be a working actress. Of course I loved my training in the craft and experience, but you can't book work on talent and craft alone. I'm saving you $100,000's of dollars.

In addition to Utemy's 30 day gaurantee, I can give my word that you will be giving yourself an edge to booking and working in commercials. The longer you wait, the more auditions and opportunities you will be missing. This course can give you an edge over other actors. Annnnnd it's actually fun!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn tips and tricks from a CURRENT WORKING ACTRESS, I'm actually doing it right now, so this is fresh!
  2. Know ALL the tools you need to become a working commercial actor.
  3. Stop worrying about the things that are out of your control and focus on what is.
  4. Take REIGN of your acting career.
  5. Tips and secrets that have literally booked me the job. Proof is in the pudding!
  6. Impress Casting Directors, Producers, and Directors giving them excitement to hire you!
  7. Gain great relationships with Agents.
  8. Go from booking small jobs to money-makers!
  9. Commercials pay $5,000-$60,000 per ad depending on distribution and usually for 1 day of work! Shut your face! Why would you not try this course for $30?! that's a lunch!
  10. Mindset
  11. The "Before, During, and After" to nail those auditions.