How schools can reopen safely

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Course Description

A step by step guide to open up our favorite places of learning, our schools. As governments all across the world open up different services and as everyone embraces the "new normal", schools are now reopening. With anxiety on everyone's mind regarding the COVID 19 virus, the task looks formidable.
The course looks at nitty gritties in opening up schools and steps that the management, at a department and an individual level can take, to keep everyone safe and healthy.

It provides specific measurable roles and responsibilities for departments like HR, Academics and Administration and individuals alike which schools can implement in their day to day working. It also provides pre- opening and everyday operational tips which can be practically implemented in every school, no matter the school size.

The course can be accessed here and our master instructor for this course is Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, former United Nations Officer and Founder and Chairman of Pioneers Nation.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to safely open educational institutions