How to Ask and Receive Money from the Universe

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Course Description

This is not your typical law of attraction course and I'll tell you why. I have been told over the years these techniques or ritual, whatever you want to call it, by women who have been practicing them long before the Law of Attraction was even mentioned. I have learned about those techniques at times when I was in financial worries, knee deep in debts and stressed from counting every penny.

I didn't learn about all of the rituals all at once. This happened over a few years and this is what happened over those few years:

  • I did start to never run out of money even when I was absolutely sure that this is it - I have hit rock bottom

  • Money always happen to find its way to me whenever I need them

  • I found out that money is just a number after money became just a number

  • I sleep well at night, worry-free about my finances

  • I found out that gratitude is felt with tears of gratitude in your life and I found that out while playing the blessing game

This is why I am here today to teach you how to take care of your money so that they take care of you.

The techniques you'll learn about are very easy to do, yet they send a powerful message to the Universe and the Universe listens. Let's get started.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn how to charge your wallet energetically
  2. You will learn how whatever you have in your wallet right now can be used as attraction technique
  3. You will learn how and when to write your request for Money from the Universe
  4. You will learn when and where throwing money on the street is actually a very good thing.
  5. You will learn how to activate the energy or chi of money into your life.
  6. You will also learn how to cure your financial karma once and for all.
  7. You will learn how to trick your own limiting beliefs about what's possible for you and become limitless in your abilities to attract the finances you want in your life.