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The no B.S. guide to becoming a successful bartender. Learn all of the techniques and habits to thrive in any cocktail bar in the world.

“If you are looking for a job that makes good money, allows you to meet new people, people that could potentially help you get to that next level in your career, then bartending is the perfect job for you.” –Christopher Makrides

Expected Outcomes

  1. The habits and techniques needed to bartend at the highest Caliber
  2. How to make the most popular drinks at the highest Caliber of service
  3. Everything that a Bartender does, a bartender’s mindset and duties. The entire job not just making the drinks like other classes
  4. How to run your Bar, to serve, and how to make people like and respect you
  5. The proper technique on how to make drinks
  6. The proper technique on how to serve drinks and wine