How to be happy

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Course Description

I work with people from all over the world and what I see in each of those people is a desire to be happy. Personally I spent many years expecting other people to make me happy. Other people think things, new possessions, bigger houses, more money will make them happy.

And whilst it is true people do add to our happiness as do certain possessions, this course is about making yourself happy on a day to day basis.

When we look outside of ourselves constantly for happiness, that makes life very difficult for you and the people around you.

It's up to you to make yourself happy from with first.

This course is about you making yourself happy rather than relying on others to make you happy.

  • The course is suitable for anyone who wants to draw more happiness into their life.
  • The course is a combination of video's and worksheets to print out.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Have an inner self happiness without relying on other people or things
  2. Shift from negative emotions back to happiness quickly
  3. Techniques that will help them attract more happiness