How to become a DBA

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Course Description

One of the most common questions asked to me still remains same - How can I become an Oracle DBA! After replying to so many emails and helping students over calls, I decided to create this free course on everything you must know in order to become Oracle DBA.

This course is designed to answer all the questions related to Oracle DBA career for freshers who want to become an Oracle dba and for IT professionals who want to switch their career to Oracle DBA.

It all started with digging my old emails and looking for different questions asked by students. Some of the very common questions asked were:

  • I want to become a DBA but I have no experience. How do I become one?

  • What education do I need to become a DBA?

  • What are the courses to be learned to become DBA (data base administrator)?

  • What do I have to learn to become an Oracle DBA?

  • How to search for DBA jobs and apply as a fresher and experienced DBA?

  • I am Confused between oracle DBA or software testing. Please guide!

  • And much more!!

You will know the exact topics, certifications and next steps you must be taking with this one course

No More Google Search For - How to Become a DBA!!

Rather than hunting forums and posting questions on Quora regarding DBA career, this course is enough to take your from the definition of database and average DBA salary to Oracle certifications and learning checklist which you must follow

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner who is just starting career into Oracle Database Administration
  • Professionals who do not know how to become an Oracle DBA

Course content

8 sections • 44 lectures • 1h 41m total length
  • Before You Start
  • Your ultimate fresher DBA checklist
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ