How to Become a Good and Godly Husband

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Course Description

Your wife is not as mysterious as you make her out to be.

Yet, so many men go through their marriage believing his wife is incomprehensible. This couldn't be further from the truth. I find that men don't really understand how a woman works, what makes her tick, and what motivates her. You might be trying as hard as you can to please her, but really you have little to no idea what makes your wife feel fulfilled and joyful in the marriage. If you can get this right, your wife will become your biggest blessing in life.

Based on the book Becoming a Godly Husband, this course teaches seven keys to understanding your wife. You’ll learn how to keep her secure in the relationship, create a sense of teamwork, and nurture her needs. I think you’ll find that if you practice the principles taught here, your marriage will go to a whole new level. Change is possible, but you have to learn what to do.

Learn These Seven Marriage-changing Principles:

H-Honor: A woman must receive a sense of honor to stay emotionally connected in a relationship. Giving your wife honor is one of the primary ways to change your marriage by meeting one of her core needs.

U-Understanding: Learning your wife's unique temperament, gifts, and abilities is essential so you can help her become the woman God calls her to be. God tells husbands to do something that culture tells us is impossible—understand your wife for His glory.

S-Security: Women need to feel secure in the relationship in ways you have most likely never thought about. Learn the four ways that are most likely to threaten your marriage.

B-Building Unity and Direction: One of the constant jobs of the husband is to build unity in the marriage. Don't allow the pressures of life to destroy the marriage. Your wife needs you to engage and lead, but in very specific ways. Learn the four aspects of leadership that you need to supply as her husband.

A-Agreement: Establish an agreement system so that both husband and wife can enthusiastically support the decisions that need to be made. What do you do when either you and your wife don't agree on something? Learn this principle to avoid fights, work through conflict, and bring positive results in your marriage.

N-Nurture: Your wife can blossom into this amazing vineyard of delight if you learn how to truly nurture her. You are the husbandman, the gardener, and what she needs is completely different than what you need. Learn what makes her blossom as a person, mother, worker, friend, and wife.

D-Defender: God has asked you to protect your wife from certain things that could destroy her. Learn the four common areas where your protection will make the greatest difference. Don't leave your marriage and family unprotected.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to be the husband God is calling you to be.
  2. How to love your wife in the ways she feels your love.
  3. How to partner with your wife in life.
  4. Practical marriage help and exercises for a husband to love and honor his wife.