How to Communicate Like a Millionaire

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Course Description

  • Over 14 years helping leaders, executives and entrepreneurs communicate their ideas effectively

  • Over 14 years helping Organizations double and triple their sales by mastering the communication messages to customers.

  • Over 14 years helping Organizations transform their culture through mastering communication messages to their leaders and employees.

  • Worked in Customer Service and Sales Transformation with the biggest international brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee's, Costa Coffee, On The Run, and much more.

  • Author of the best-Seller book "The Secret Compass"

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer - who have the best NLP programs for sales people and entrepreneurs.

  • Speaker at international stages

  • Organization Development and Sales Mastery expert and thought leader.

Before you read any further, let’s thank technology for making it easier for us to connect now. And let me ask you a question, whatever device you are using to read this course intro now, what do you think the #1 reason behind the success of the brand or the device you are using right now? Is it the innovation of the product only, or something else was there to support the innovation? The #1 reason behind success in life is communication. It is what makes you successful, what makes you happy and even what makes you a great leader, partner, father, mother or whatever you want in life.

The “How to Communicate like a Millionaire” course helps you solve the problem of not being able to communicate your ideas, dreams and thoughts to others. If you are feeling stuck in your life and your career as a result of not being a great communicator and you want to feel free, successful and wealthy, then this course is for you!

The “How to Communicate like a Millionaire” course will walk you through a step-by-step process to communicate your ideas and thoughts in a successful way and achieve success and wealth through communicating them, including key insights and actionable steps on:

  • Have very high level of self awareness.

  • Understand and engineer your belief system.

  • Destroy all your limiting beliefs and install new empowering beliefs.

  • Understand and master the 7Fs in communication.

  • Know and master the 3 Door-stairs toward breakthrough.

  • Know the Ultimate answer for the most important universal question in life and have a way to breakthrough in life.

  • Being able to communicate effectively in all areas of your life.

  • Having and crafting your own "Ultimate Success Blueprint" (USB) - This can transform your life in less than 24 hours.

  • Have a clear Life Purpose and be able to communicate it with others.

  • Understand the difference between Laws and Rules.

  • Understand the Six Basic Psychological Needs and how to use them in communication for breakthrough.

  • Understand the 3Cs of communicating ideas, thoughts and dreams.

  • Having ready-made scripts for introducing yourself to others.

  • Having ready-made scripts for introducing your ideas, thoughts and dreams to others.

  • Understand the law of Supply and how to use it to breakthrough in life.

  • Master the Idea Generating Method (IGM) - You can be an ideas generating machine.

  • Master A.I.D.A technique in communication and selling ideas and dreams.

  • In short, you will be a communication mastery who can achieve profit and prosperity through communication.

When we’ve finished this journey together, you will experience great ability and freedom in communicating your ideas and dreams with others.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand why good communication skills are important and beneficial.
  2. Understand the importance of body language.
  3. Have very high level of self awareness.
  4. Use their self awareness to breakthrough in communication.
  5. know and use the 7Fs in communication.
  6. Know and use the 3Cs model in communicating their ideas.
  7. Know how persuade others with their ideas and dreams.
  8. Know how to communicate with others using the basic Psychological needs.
  9. Destroy all their Limiting Beliefs regarding communication.
  10. Build Greater Self-Confidence.
  11. Communicate with greater confidence in a personal or professional context.
  12. Strengthen People Skills.
  13. Enhance communication Skills.
  14. Develop Leadership Skills.
  15. Reduce Stress and Improve their Attitude.
  16. And much, much more...