How to Create an Effective Personal Elevator Pitch

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Course Description

In this course we’re going to learn about a communication tool that could potentially make or break your career.

We’ve organized this course into four modules.

In module 1 we’ll focus on introducing you to the personal elevator speech and we’ll make sure that you can explain what it is, why it’s important, how long it should be and what components or information should be included in a well crafted elevator pitch.

In module 2 you will use the resources that we provide to develop a concise statement of who you are in a professional context

Module 3 focuses on articulating the value that you offer your target audience. When you complete this module you’ll be able to use the resources that we provide to develop a statement that clearly articulates exactly it is that you can do or what you can offer a potential customer, business partner or employer, the types of problems that you are uniquely qualified to solve, and a statement of the major benefit that individuals will experience from interacting with or using you including your unique selling proposition,

In module 4 you will learn how to communicate your message so that you achieve the ultimate goal of an elevator speech which is to obtain a followup conversation.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to articulate what they need to communicate in order to show their value
  2. How to communicate their value in a way that gets the attention of listeners
  3. How to articulate their unique selling proposition
  4. How to describe what promise of value sets them apart from others